Tuscan White Beans

May 12, 2018

With Garlic and Sage


From The New Vegetarian Epicure Cookbook, by Anna Thomas




1 pound small white beans (navy beans are great)

Handful of fresh sage leaves or 2 Tablespoons dried whole-leaf sage

1 head garlic, separated and peeled

3-4 Tablespoons fruity green olive oil

Salt and Pepper


Method: Soak beans in cool water or overnight. 


Drain the beans and place them in a large shallow skillet with enough fresh water to cover them by an inch. Add sage leaves, garlic cloves, and a Tablespoon of olive oil. Bring water to boil then reduce heat to a gentle boil. (I like to add a sprinkle or two of powdered ginger at this stage as ginger aids our bodies to digest beans.)


Simmer beans until tender stirring only two or three times and making sure they stay covered with water. This could take between 1-3 hours. 


When they are just getting tender, add 2 teaspoons salt. 


When they are soft, pour broth and beans into a wide shallow bowl and drizzle with the best green olive oil, grind on some black pepper, and serve. 


We love these hot and cold! 


*Note: I don’t always have a Tuscan spice blend on hand, but my sweet friend, June, had just given me this delightful jar of Wildtree’s Tuscany Bread Dipper Herb Blend which I added to these beans for extra flavor! They are absolutely fabulous!

I served these Tuscan beans with toasted green bean salad, (plain roasted green beans for picky eaters) and two flavors of cheesy bread.  






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